Required Forms

It’s difficult to orient yourself to practical matters after someone you love has died. Below is a list of documents and certificates that you will need to have on file or apply for after someone has passed away.

  • Medical Certificate of Death – Supplied and completed by the deceased’s physician.
  • Registration of Death – Required by the Department of Vital Statistics – Available from Service BC
  • Private Transfer Permit Application – Available from Service BC after the Medical Certificate of Death,  Registration of Death and Burial Permit have been obtained
  • Cremation Authorization – Supplied by Crematorium
  • Death Certificate – Issued by Vital Statistics
  • Notification of Death – Needed to stop Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Pension payments. Obtained from and returned to Government of Canada
  • Death   Benefit Application – Needed to apply for Survivor’s Benefit, Children’s Benefit and Death Benefit amounts. Obtained from and returned to Government of Canada.

Completion of Forms There are three BC Government official forms are time related and must be obtained, filled out as soon as possible after the death has occurred.

Medical Certificate of Death.  The completed form is obtained from the attending physician.  If you are planning on transporting the body you will need the Medical Certificate of Death along with 2 pieces of ID from the deceased.

One primary ID:

  • BC photo driver’s licence
  • BC Services Card with photo
  • Acceptable Canadian birth certificate
  • BC ID Card
  • Canadian citizenship certificate
  • Permanent Resident Card / Record of Landing
  • Study Permit
  • Work Permit
  • Canada Identity Card (issued by Foreign Affairs Canada)
  • Canadian Passport (containing full legal name
  • Visitor permit

One secondary ID:

  • Canadian photo (non-BC) or US drivers licence
  • Passport
  • Canadian Forces identification
  • Police Identification Card
  • Canada Identity Card (issued by Foreign Affairs Canada)
  • BC Services Card or BC CareCard
  • BC Driver’s Licence and Services Card with photo
  • Foreign birth certificate
  • Department of National Defense 404 Driver’s Licence
  • NEXUS card
  • Certain other signed identifications may be accepted if there is no other secondary identification (ie credit card, debit card – if the name is on the card)

These 3 documents are taken into the offices of:

Services BC

310 Ward Street

Nelson, BC

Monday – Friday 8:30 – 4:30

They will provide and fax back:

Registration of Death forms are provided by the Vital Statistics Agency through Services BC. The information needed for this form may be gathered before the death.  You may download and print off the Vital Statistics document here.  The particulars for this form can be provided by:

  • nearest living relative of the deceased person present at the death or last illness;
  • If no such relative is available, by any relative of the deceased;
  • any adult present at the death, if no relative is available;
  • other adult having knowledge of the facts;
  • adult occupying the premises where the death occurred
  • coroner who has been notified of the death, made an inquiry or held an inquest regarding the death

Private Transfer Permit Application This form is required as well as the Burial Permit, if a commercial funeral provider is not involved. The application form must be filled out and faxed before moving the body, and can be started in anticipation of the death.