End-of-Life Doula

Doulas are trained to support people at the beginning (birth doulas) and end of life. ‘End of Life Doulas’ walk alongside the dying, their family and their community as an informed companion. They are sensitive to practical, emotional and spiritual need and provide a consistent and a compassionate presence.

Their role is to provide a holistic, hands on, non medical approach while maintaining the quality of wellbeing, sense of identity and self-worth of the dying.  They do not replace medical care, but facilitate access to resources that are available.

End of Life Doula’s support people to live their life as meaningfully as possible right to the end, while making it more comfortable and natural for them to die at home.

Doulas can help:

  • Plan and prepare for the end of life care
  • Create meaningful and sacred death and memorial rituals
  • Manage details of after-death care and home funerals
  • Impart information about green burials and alternatives
  • Guide families through municipal and provincial regulations
  • Make arrangements and file paperwork

Taking care of someone at home is a big decision for a family. The time prior to, during, and after the death can be physically and emotionally draining. Conversely, it can be one of the most profound, healing journeys a family can experience.

“It’s the greatest present you can give anybody—to help them not be afraid to die,” Betty Trapass, end-of-life guide and advocate.

Nelson Death Doulas may be contacted through the Nelson End of Life Society.