Threshold Choir

Threshold Choir grew out of a realization by founder Kate Munger as to how powerful song was at the end of a close friend’s death. Chapters of the Threshold Choir have grown internationally bringing comfort and compassion to those who are seriously ill or dying through harmonious singing at bedsides.

Music can bring calm and comfort to a person at a time when perhaps they are feeling anxious or fearful about death.  Threshold Choirs are dedicated to communicating kindness with their voices, and believe that singing gives the dying person and their family ‘permission to be authentic with their tears, their laughter, their sorrow, and their grief’.

Nelson Threshold Singers was established in 2016 and has been a chapter of Threshold Choir International since 2018.  When invited, they offer soothing, comforting songs in a small group of two to four singers at the bedside of those who are seriously ill or dying. They honour all spiritual paths but have no religious affiliation. The songs are simple messages of love, life and heart.

There is no cost to the families and all singers are volunteers.  The intention is to be there as much for the family as for the dying person.

Contact: 250 – 551 – 6053